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Power Proofreading

Words and Spelling

Brain Teasers

Logic and Reasoning Games
   **Logic and reasoning games such as Tetris, Simon, Towers, etc.

Aunty Math
 **A daily math challenge from Aunty Math

Education Place Brain Teasers
**Brain teasers by grade (2-8)

Money Mania
**Practice algebraic reasoning skills, addition, multiplication and more while helping the
students at Memorial Elementary count their money

Who Wants to Be a Mathionaire?
**Who Wants to Be a Mathionaire? game similar to popular game show using various level of math questions

Enchanted Mind Creative Puzzles
**Games such as pentominos, tangrams, word searches, cryptography, etc
requiring students to use both sides of their brain 

Math Skills

Harcourt Math

       *Math activities by grade level from Harcourt Publishers

Rainforest Math
*Interactive Mathematics Activities for K-6

     Logic Problems


Multiplication Word Problems

Times Tables Test

Code 13

MacMillan McGraw-Hill Math
*Math activities by grade level from MacMillan McGraw-Hill Publishers

Interactive Addition
*Learn your addition tables at Gamequarium

Interactive Subtraction
*Brush up on your subtraction skills

Math Mayhem

Cynthia Lanius' Lessons:  Fractions Shapes
*Geometry and Fractions

Online Calculator
*Practice using a calculator online-good for MAP and PACT testing

King's List of On-line Math Activities
*A bibliography of various math activities for various
levels of skill found on the Internet

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
*Various math activities from the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Play a Game
 *Math activities from the BBC

The ArithmAttack
*Great way to work on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and
division facts for speed and accuracy

Starship Maths
          *Math activities from BBC-Starship Math

Maths File-Games
*Math activities from BBC-Maths File

Lizard Point Math
    *A place to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Dositey Games
    *Math activities by grade level

AAA Math
*AAA Math features a comprehensive set of interactive arithmetic lessons.

RainForest Maths
    *A variety of math activities following the theme of the rain forest

Cool Math
 *Math problems at a variety of levels from Cool Math

  Everyday Math Resources
*Math resources by grade level from Center School District
to correspond with Everyday Math curriculum

Interactive Multiplication      
*Super Fun Games to help you learn your multiplication tables

*Super Fun Games to help you learn your multiplication tables


Grammar Skills

Wacky Web Tales
**Wacky web tales

Go Grammar
**Grammar games

Grammar Games
**Grammar games

Skillswise from the BBC
  **Grammar, spelling, reading, vocabulary, writing, and listening activities

Grammar Games Online
**Grammar game

Grammar Practice Park
     **Grammar games by grade level

The Grammar of Doom
  *English games to play online

Winter Activities

Winter Pictures

Winter Interactive
Various Winter Activities

Multi-Subject Websites

*Where Education and Technology Meet!

Learning Planet
*Word searches to help with recognition of letters and
spelling of words from Learning Planet


Astronomy for Kids
*learn all about our solar system

Amazing Space
*information about space

Solar System Game
*learn the order of the planets

Earth from Space 
*view different cities from space

NASA Star Child 
*a learning center for young astronomers

Welcome to the Planets 
*images of planets from NASA

National Air and Space Museum
*learning about our solar system

NASA Star Child 
*a learning center for young astronomers

Windows to the Universe 
*planets and other stuff in space

How Old Would You Be On Another Planet? 
*figure out your age on other planets

How Much Would You Weigh On Another Planet? 
*figure out your weight on other planets

Big Brains on a Little Chip
*space maze

Planet Pursuit
*planet trivia and exploration

 Help Design the Deep Space 1 Spacecraft
*dot-to-dot of a spacecraft

Play the Spinoffs Memory Game
*matching memory game of items involved in the space program

Be Spuzzled! 
*puzzles of pictures taken from satellites in space

Earth Day

*A website with information regarding environmental issues from EcoKids

Earth Day
*A bibliography of Earth Day Internet sites from Educational Technology Center in Georgia

Earth Day
*An online bibliography of information sites, classroom activities, online activities, and
printable activities about Earth Day

 *Information on soil

Planet Pals
*Singing and rhyming Planet Pals to remind one about Earth Day

Eddy the EcoDog Unleashed
*activities and jokes about environmentalism

Earth Day Seek-A-Word
       *Earth Day interactive word search

Welcome to Recycle City
*Welcome to Recycle City-information about recycling from the Environmental Protection Agency.

EPA Student Center
  *The Environmental Protection Agency website for kids

Scholastic Cyber Hunt
  *Questions and answers about Earth Day to learn more

Scholastic Math Hunt
    *A variety of science and social studies activities including Earth Day

The Science Spot Kid Zone
 *An online bibliography of sites relating to science topics  

Earth Day
  *Earth Day information from the United States government 

Money Skills

Little Fingers Software
 *Shows money for students to count

Prongo Math
*Picture word problems involving money     

Money to Build a Robot
*Helps students identify types of coins in order to build a robot

Money Match
 *Memory game matching types of money to amounts of money

h.i.p. pocket change
*Money games and cartoons from the U.S. Mint

Most Wanted Toys
 *Shopping spree activity


Wizards and Pigs
*Wizards and Pigs-a game to introduce parts of poetry from Cognitive Concepts Inc. 

      *Poetry fun and games from Poetry4Kids

Giggle Poetry
 *Hundreds of poems to read and rate

Magnetic Poetry
*Create your own poetry

Grandpa Tucker's Rhymes and Tales
*Funny poetry and stories to read and enjoy. 
Don't forget to use the sound for songs. 

Science Activities

Disaster Discovery
*Fun board game about weather from FEMA

Jigsaw Puzzles
*from FEMA

Professor B's Thunder and Lightning Secrets
*Questions about lightning and thunderstorms

Fun Games
 *Games about weather from the Ohio Department of Public Safety

Weather Wiz Kids
*Weather games

For Kids Only-NASA Earth Science Enterprise
   *Variety of games about earth, air, and water

Science Quiz-BBC
  *Quiz on solids and liquids

Science Quiz-BBC
    *Quiz on circuits and conductors

Science Quiz-BBC
          *Quiz on changing states of matter

Science Quiz-BBC
          *Quiz on grouping and changing materials

 Native Americans

SCIWay-South Carolina's Front Door
*A directory to information about Native Americans of South Carolina
     *Information from the South Carolina Information Highway

Native American Tribes
*Resources on American Indians

Native American Leaders
*Information on famous Native Americans

Search Engines for Kids

 * Ithaki for Kids
 *Search engine for kids (metasearch)

Dib Dab Doo and Dilly Too
      *Search engine for kids (metasearch)

Ask for Kids
  *Search engine just for kids

Yahoo for Kids
  *Search engine for kids

Net Trekker-Elementary
          *Search engine for kids from Richland 2

CyberSleuth Kids
    *Search engine for kids

Encylopedia Britannica Online



 Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
*Activities and information about the
United States government from the U.S. Government Printing Office

White House Kids
*Activities and information about the
United States government from the White House  

This is the federal government's portal for fun, educational and safe sites for kids.

The Official Kid's Page of the U.S. House of Representatives Learn about the legislative process and its effect on you. This site provides an opportunity to experience government like never before.


Games Games Games
*A variety of different types of games from FEMA

Interactive Weather for Kids
*Weather information, games and cool videos from
The Weather Channel for Kids

Fun Games
*A variety of games from the Ohio Department of
Public Safety Emergency Management Agency

Weather Wiz Kids
 *Weather games from Weather Wiz Kids

Dan's Wild Wild Weather Page
 *Information and weather activities

Kid Info
*Bibliography of information about weather

The Weather Dude
 *Weather Resources

Weather Disasters
*Information from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Web Weather for Kids
*Weather information


*How can we protect them?

*Answer all of your questions about the rainforest

*From Defenders of Wildlife

*Arctic Links

*Kids Research Center

*Geography for Kids


Your Name in Hieroglyphics

All About Hieroglyphics


Famous Rocks Scavenger Hunt
*Famous rocks scavenger hunt

Name the Rock!
 *Activity to name rocks from pictures

Fast FAQs about Rocks and Fossils
*Fast facts about rocks from
The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

GeoMysteries with Rex the Dino Detective
*Mysteries to solve about rocks from
The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Earthquakes for Kids
*Information about earthquakes for kids from the
U.S. Department of the Interior and the U.S. Geological Survey 

Rock Hounds with Rocky
*Discover how rocks are formed

Rock Hounds with Rocky
  *Crossword, jigsaw puzzle, and word search about rocks

Rock Hounds with Rocky
*Learn about rocks and then take a quiz to test your knowledge



Geography Games
*Interactive activities about different countries on different continents

National Geographic Kids
*Games from National Geographic Kids about countries

National Geographic Kids
*A fun spy game to learn continents, countries, states, and provinces. 

National Geographic Kids
*Trivia questions about geography and history from National Geographic Kids 

Animals and Zoos

Riverbanks Zoo
*Lots of information about Riverbanks Zoo

Enchanted Learning
*Information about a variety of animals along with coloring pages

Fiddler Crabs
*Chesapeake Bay Field Guide for Fiddler Crabs

African Dwarf Frogs
*everything you'd ever want to know about frogs

*From Kendall Research Services

America Zoo Photo Safari
*Information alphabetically arranged regarding a
variety of animals from America

PBS Critter Guide
*Information about animals arranged alphabetically from PBS. 
Includes puzzles and games as well. 

Amazing Animal Facts
*Information about animals arranged alphabetically from
the World Almanac for Kids 2007. 

Science and Nature: Animals
*Information about animals from the British Broadcast Company (BBC). 
Search by name of animal. 

Smithsonian National Zoo 
  *Information about animals from the
National Zoo in Washington D.C.

KidPort Reference Library
*Information about animals arranged by invertebrates and
vertebrates from KidPort Reference Library

 *Games and activities to help learn about animals from EcoK, ids.

  *Information about animals arranged alphabetically from Zoobooks. 

San Diego Zoo
         *Information about animals from the San Diego Zoo

 National Geographic Animals Index
          *Information about animals from National Geographic

Revolutionary War

American Revolution
*Covers all aspects of this period of our country's history

Revolutionary War Timeline
*Ev, ents leading up to and through the end of the Revolutionary War

Black History Month

African-American History
*multiple choice quiz on African-American history from Infoplease

African-American History for Kids
*an easier multiple choice quiz on African-American history from Infoplease

Black Athletes Quiz
*multiple choice quiz on black athletes

Time for Kids
*multiple choice quiz on African-American history

Headbone Zone
*online comic strip to read about the Underground Railroad

Black History Past to Present
*black history interactive treasure hunt

National Geographic Online
*interactive activity about the Underground Railroad

PBS Kids Go
*matching game with cards of famous black Americans and what they did

Time for Kids
*match famous faces with their names

Kulture Kids Kool Korner
*two word searches and two word scrambles of African-American historical figures

American Girl
*Help Addy (from American Girls) escape to freedom

 The Internet African-American History Challenge
*interactive quiz to help sharpen your knowledge of African-American history

Test Preparation

Houghton Mifflin Mathematics
*Math test practice from Houghton Mifflin Publishers

          Reading Practice Tests
  *Reading test practice for MAP and PACT

        Surweb Testing
*Interactive test preparation for math and reading/language arts

          Elementary Mathematics SAT Daily Practice
*A PDF of sample test questions-students can point
to answers on the screen to practice mouse control

ISAT Sample Questions
*test preparation questions from Boise Schools
Questions arranged from easy to difficult

Interactive Quizzes
*test preparation by grade and subject 


Magnets and Springs from the BBC (activity)
      *magnet information

    Magnets and Springs from the BBC(game)
     *magnet game

Magnets Pop-Up from Quia
  *magnet quiz

Magnet Millionaire Game from Quia
 *magnet millionaire game

Room 108 Magnets
*magnet game

  Magnets and Spring from the BBC (quiz)
  *magnet quiz


Scholastic Kids
*games, quizzes, and movies related to books published by Scholastic

  *games and activities based on the popular magazine Zoobooks

Kids@Random House
*games and activities based on books publish by Random House
(Arthur, Dr. Seuss, Junie B. Jones, Magic Tree House, Babymouse)

Tangram Challenge
    *online tangrams based on The Five Ancestor books

Scholastic Kids-Magic School Bus
  *To get to the games based on the Magic School Bus books, click on the bus


*Information, map, and flag of various countries

U.S. Department of State
*An alphabetical list of many countries.  After choosing a country,
click on background notes for more information. 

The World Factbook
*Information updated regularly about a variety
of countries from the CIA

Countries of the World
*Information on a variety of countries. 

Animal Adaptations

Animal Adaptations - Animal Defense

Animal Adaptations Pathfinder

Animals on Defense

Animal Adaptations and Survival

Animal Adaptation E-Safaris

Animal Adaptation Matching

Animal Adaptation Investigations

Typing Practice
This is the link to download the free Tux Type 2 program.
Click  on Windows or Mac for your correct version to download.
This is the BBC Dance Mat Typing site for typing practice

Learn vocabulary and donate rice